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Drs. Ashok and Yogi Kothari named Friends of the Foundation, to be honored in 2021

Thu, Jun 4th 2020 08:55 am

An integral part of any friendship is a willingness to help one another.

Time and time again Dr. Ashok and Dr. Yogini Kothari have stepped up to help the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation and the community as a whole in numerous ways.

For that and for all of their exemplary qualities of character, Dr. Ashok and Dr. Yogini Kothari have been named as this year’s Friends of the Foundation honorees, and they will be honored at the 2021 Friends of the Foundation luncheon.

CRCF’s Friend of the Foundation award is the organization’s most prestigious. It honors a person or persons who have established a fund or funds there and given generously and consistently over the years; an individual who has donated generously to existing funds; and/or someone who continues the Foundation’s mission through giving and volunteerism.  The Kotharis have done all three.

Since moving to the area some 35 years ago to serve in the health care field, the Kotharis have been a resource for the community when it comes to service and philanthropy.

Dr. Yogini Kothari worked as an orthodontist for more than 25 years. She served as an assistant professor at the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in the Orthodontic Department for a number of years.

Dr. Kothari had kept local dental society (Cattaraugus and Allegany counties) active for two decades. She served as the president of the dental society and provided representation at the 8th district dental society of New York.

She began serving as a CRCF board member in 2005. Shortly after, she and her husband established the Kothari Family Endowment Fund, which supports annual grants to the Olean General Hospital Foundation and the Olean Food Pantry and provides for the Kothari Family Health Care Scholarship for aspiring health care professionals.

Over the years the fund has made possible more than $25,000 in grants and scholarships. The fund has grown to now support two annual scholarships of a minimum of $800 each.

Yogi has been a dedicated member of the CRCF scholarship committee, a role she continues still, despite terming off of the CRCF board in 2018. She served as the chair or co-chair of the committee for a number of years. She also served on the grant allocations committee.

In addition to her service with CRCF, she serves on the Olean General Hospital Foundation board, as well as the Hindu Society of Olean and Allegany where she is past president. She is also a co-founder and past board member of the Olean Meditation Center. She was instrumental in helping to establish the Olean Meditation Center at its current home on Duggan Road. Additionally, she has been involved with planning India Fest and a number of other cultural celebrations in the area.

She’s an excellent cook and avid gardener and often prepares flavorful ethnic dishes for area fundraising events for the Hindu Society, Olean Meditation Center and Canticle Farm. For the last several years, she has also organized and facilitated virtual daily programming for DBVI, an international spiritual organization.

Dr. Ashok Kothari has had a long career as a cardiologist in Olean. He maintained a private cardiology practice for 35 years and served as staff cardiologist at St. Francis and Olean General Hospital.

Over the years he has served on various hospital committees, including the credential committee, cardiopulmonary and critical care committees and also was the Chief of Medicine at Olean General Hospital. He has also served on the board of directors at OGH, the OGH Foundation and Universal Primary Care.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kothari worked to advance cardiac care in our community by making additions and improvements in nuclear cardiology and echo cardiography and by establishing protocols for critical care of cardiac patients.

He was instrumental in the founding of the It’s Your Heart Club, which focused on prevention measures related to heart health long before the idea of prevention came into prominence in cardiology. The club quickly grew to 1,800 members, serving as an educational group and a support group for patients facing difficulties and procedures related to cardiology.

Dr. Kothari was also committed to training EMTs, NPs, PAs and primary care physicians.

He had planned to retire several years ago, but due to a shortage of cardiologists he served a number of years into his retirement, remaining dedicated to serving as Olean General Hospital’s sole cardiologist while also maintaining his private practice.

Dr. Kothari retired in 2018, but he still can often be found helping out in the cardiology department when needed.

Currently he is serving on the Olean Meditation Center board and also on the committee to establish preparedness to care for COVID patients at Olean General Hospital.

Both Drs. Ashok and Yogini Kothari have long been dedicated to recruiting physicians and helping to welcome them to the area.  Together, Dr. Ashok and Dr. Yogini Kothari made significant monetary contributions to make possible the purchase of the Olean Meditation Center building and the construction of the new YMCA of the Twin Tiers location.

Internationally, they provide contributions and aid in response to international disasters and calamities.

Post-retirement they also volunteer their professional services at a health clinic in India during the winter months. They have also solely funded the construction of a dormitory for hearing impaired students at the Badhir Vidyalay Deaf School in India.

In addition to their tireless dedication and kindness to the community through work and service, the couple have been two of the community’s most dedicated philanthropists and continue to give generously to numerous causes and charitable organizations.

“Whether it be their time or resources, the Kotharis always help and give generously,” said CRCF Executive Director Karen Niemic Buchheit. “Any time there is a need anywhere in this community, you can expect to see the Kotharis donning welcoming smiles, ready to get their hands in motion and do whatever it takes to give help where it is needed.”

“We had planned to honor the Kotharis as this year’s Friends of the Foundation at the annual luncheon, prior to its cancellation due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Buchheit added. “While we have to wait a year to honor them, we want to thank the Kotharis for their dedication to this community. I think it’s fair to say that in light of current times, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to them for their dedication to supporting and helping to sustain health care in our community.”

CRCF Board President Wendy Brand echoed that sentiment.

“At a time when we, more than ever, need to embrace positive role models, I can think of no more fitting recipients of this honor than the Kotharis,” Brand said. “We look forward to appropriately celebrating this honor with the Kotharis in 2021.”

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