How to Apply for Scholarships

The Common Scholarship Application

The CRCF scholarship system will open on February 1, 2023. Students will be able to apply for CRCF scholarships using the application system linked below. Additional scholarship opportunities are also available below for your review.

Continuing students and CRCF committee members can access the scholarship portal here as well. 


Review your eligibility for all scholarships

Click Here to access a downloadable table of all available scholarships that you can sort to find information about each scholarship quickly and easily.

Important Dates

For students applying this year:

  • Students with open applications are encouraged to check email regularly for updates.
  • March 20- All documents are due before the portal closes
  • By May 30 - Students will be notified by CRCF if they are receiving scholarships. Scholarship info will be sent to students' respective schools to be announced at award or graduation ceremonies.
  • July 6 – Acceptance form and necessary documents are due

For multi-year scholarship recipients:

  • July 6 – Students must submit transcripts and acceptance forms

For high school juniors:

  • Check back in 2023 to apply!

How to apply:

  • Review all CRCF Scholarship Funds to determine eligibilty.
  • Create an account in the scholarship portal and start your application.