How to Apply for Scholarships

The Common Scholarship Application

The Scholarship Portal will open February 1, 2020. To apply, create a username and password and complete the application online. You can save your changes and log in later to complete the application. Click the button below to access the portal:


Review your eligibility for all scholarships

 CLICK HERE to access a downloadable table of all available scholarships that you can sort to find information about each scholarship quickly and easily.

Important Dates

For students applying this year:

  • Students with open applications are encouraged to check email regularly for updates.
  • April 1 - All documents are due before the portal closes
  • By May 30 - Students will be notified by CRCF if they are receiving scholarships. Scholarship info will be sent to students' respective schools to be announced at award or graduation ceremonies.
  • July 6 – Acceptance form and necessary documents are due

For multi-year scholarship recipients:

  • July 6 – Students must submit transcripts and acceptance forms

For high school juniors:

  • Check back in 2021 to apply!

How to apply:

  • Review all CRCF Scholarship Funds to determine eligibilty.
  • Create an account in the scholarship portal and start your application.