The Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation

The Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation has been the region's supportive, responsive and trusted Community Foundation for more than 25 years. Established in 1994, the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation is a public 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that is growing good by connecting donors to the causes they care about most in our region. Grants from the foundation support many areas including education, scholarships, health care, the arts, community development, human service and youth development.

CRCF has a 20-member board of directors and primarily serves Cattaraugus County, but also has funds established with donors  in Pennsylvania and other New York counties.

The Community Foundation currently manages some 300 funds and scholarships, totaling over $30 million in assets.

Vision Statement

“The Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation is the region’s most trusted and responsive leader in supporting philanthropy at all levels to enrich our community.”

Mission Statement

To assist community members in their philanthropic endeavors to help others thus enriching the quality of life in our community.

What is a Community Foundation?

Community foundations are public nonprofit organizations funded by contributions from individuals, corporations and private foundations. Today they make up one of the fastest growing sectors of philanthropy in the United States.

Community foundations help strengthen their communities by making it possible for a wide variety of donors to create permanent, named funds to meet needs in their communities. They routinely work with families, individuals, attorneys, and estate and financial planners to design gift plans that fit every economic situation, ensuring that donors receive the most benefit from their charitable contributions and that their philanthropic dollars are used to the fullest extent.

Any individual can contribute any amount of money to any fund at a community foundation. For endowed funds the foundation then invests the gift for growth and income and uses the generated earnings to make grants to help build the community. Community foundations operate on the principle of perpetuity, meaning that gifts made to the foundation’s endowed funds will continue to grow in value while the earnings from the funds are used to make grants.


EIN and Legal Name?


Legal name: Greater Olean Area Community Foundation

Name via DBA: Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation