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Greater Olean Hospitality Wall of Fame

About the Sculptor

Honoring the history of hospitality

Thank yous

The Sculpture/Monument

Hospitality Wall of Fame Inductees

Glenn Zweygardt

The works of Glenn Zweygardt are simultaneously ancient and contemporary.  With his use of diverse materials- cast bronze, glass, iron, marble, stainless steel and granite- he creates complex media sculptures that exemplify a master of the three dimensional form.

Zweygardt possesses an uncanny ability to fuse dissimilar elements and concepts, natural occurring and fabricated forms, into structures that command the attention of the observer. For this sculpture, the relationship between the elements allows the observer to see the big picture of Hospitality efficiently - Gestalt. 

Zweygardt’s mastery of the building process along with his ability to create enormous works of art from materials of tremendous mass has gained him international recognition and membership to the Berman Group, a cooperative of sculptors whose collective work spans virtually the entire spectrum of possibilities of “traditional” modernist sculpture.  

Born in Kansas, Zweygardt earned a BFA degree from Wichita State in 1967.  He received a MFA from Maryland Institute of Art in 1969 and is an emeritus Professor of Sculpture at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.  Zweygardt works independently in his immense workshop in Alfred Station, New York.  Here his work continues to evolve-varied shapes and rich surfaces, transparent and dense forms, concept and technical relationship, personal and collective perceptions- into fine art of eminent legacy. 

Honoring the history of Hospitality

Hos.pi.tal.i.ty  -  the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.

The Hospitality Sculpture pays tribute to the recipients of the Hospitality Hall of Fame. Each and every inductee defines the definition of Hospitality. 

Hospitality has been a leading industry in the area, it is essential to honor the history, longevity and resilience of the industry and honor the individuals who devoted their lives to it. These individuals and establishments are a woven part of the fabric of our community.  A true sense of pride and history emerges reading the biographies.

Thank you

It is only through the generosity of the community that the tribute Sculpture has come to fruition. Thank you to the Greater Olean Community and friends and family of recipients for your support in the project.

A special thank you for the generous donations of:

                                             The Cutco Foundation

                             Robert Coffey in memory of John Coffey

                                 Olean American Legion, Post 530

                              Friends and Family of Doris Williams

                                            Steve Hollowell

     D.J. Butchello in memory of Daniel J. Butchello and Gerald A. Butchello

Thank you Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation for your support in facilitating this project and continued support converting the Fund into a Scholarship to support students pursuing a degree in the Hospitality industry related field of study.              

The Sculpture/Monument

The base stone is Barre Vermont gray Granite with the notable recipients' names engraved into the sides of the base stone.

The Base Stone has a slot in it that receives the fabricated stainless steel vertical element. Stainless Steel represents the vast stainless steel in restaurant kitchens. Ensconced in the vertical element are three Blue Cast Glass elements. Glass elements are a signature of the sculptor.

At the top of the Stainless steel Vertical is a fabricated ovular stainless steel capital with blue porcelain enameled stars- depicting a level of service.

On the top of the Capital is a Cast Bronze large pineapple symbolizing the universal symbol of “Hospitality”.

At the very top of the pineapple is a stainless steel circle that represents a plate with a spoon, fork and knife cut through the plate space, thus completing the symbolic essentials of quality dining. 

Wall of Fame Inductees:

Peter Miller (2023)

Teddy Welch (2023)

Carmen Leroy (2023)

Carmella Jadlowski (2023)

Paul Green (2021)

Louis Frungillo Jr (2021)

Doris Mae Williams (2021)

John Cappelletti (2019)

Daniel Butchello Jr. (2019)

Larry Chiarenza (2019)

Alfred P. LaFredo Sr (2018)

Alfred "Sparky" Granger (2018)

Randy Korkowlcz (2018)

Ola Mae Gayton (2017)

Lisa and Paul Marra (2017)

Mike and PJ McAfee (2017)

Anthony Procacci (2017)

James Hastas (2016)

John and Karol Long (2016)

Anthony Fratercangelo (2016)

Joe Marra (2015)

Marlayne Robinson (2015)

Tom Weatherell (2015)

John Sue (2015)

Louis Frungillo, Sr. (2014)

John F. Coffey (2014)

Eugene Stopha (2014)

Richard Piccioli (2014)

Jackie Attard (2013)

John Marlara (2013)

Richard Marcus (2013)

Louis Marra (2013)

Nicholas Livoto (2012)

Lou Russo (2012)

Steven Hollowell (2012)

Neil and Denis Goodemote (2011)

James Pappas (2011)

Paul and Mary Psathas (2011)

Anthony Zampogna (2011)

Daniel Fessenden (2010)

Robert Styles (2010)

Jim McAfee (2010)

Anthony Bassano (2010)

Quinto and Dora Bagazzoli (2009)

Bill Augostini (2009)

Nicholas Fratarcangelo (2009)

Louis L. Marra (2009)

Lycia Bardenett (2008)

Carl Iseman (2008)

John Sawaya, Sr. (2008)

Louis and Nancy Giannechi (2008)

Pasquale “Patsy” Piccioli (2007)

Anthony Lentola (2007)

Guerino Butchello (2007)